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Taste As You Go - June 2013

  • The Inn on Randolph - Napa, CA 21

After enjoying a lunch of traditional tapas with a California twist at Zuzu, our tour of Downtown Napa brought us away from the main drag and into the surrounding residential neighborhoods with their beautifully landscaped lawns and gardens. Although I didn't stay or eat there, I feel that the Inn on Randolph warrants special mention on Taste As You Go.

New owner Karen Lynch painstakingly renovated this gorgeous 19th-century property and reopened the Inn on Randolph in 2012. All of her hard work paid off, as Karen stunningly realized her goal of preserving the historic elegance of the Victorian architecture while updating the interior of the bed and breakfast to reflect a more modern aesthetic.

Just beyond the breakfast room is the open and inviting kitchen where guests are encouraged to help themselves to a glass of wine upon arrival. And, as an extra added bonus, guests are provided with a complimentary bottle of Frog's Leap Zinfandel in their rooms to enjoy at their leisure.

I absolutely fell in love with the design of the gourmet kitchen at the Inn on Randolph and instantly got caught in a daydream about cooking meals in a similar kitchen someday. Although the kitchen was open, it still had an intimate feel to it that made it feel like home. What makes this kitchen really impressive, though, is the fact that it's entirely gluten-free.

Since Karen has been gluten-free for several years, she decided right off the bat that the breakfasts and baked goods served at Inn on Randolph would be, too. The Inn offers a completely safe place for gluten-free guests, freeing them of the need to worry about the ingredients in their food and leaving them more time to unwind, relax, and truly enjoy their vacation. The Inn even offer gluten-free cooking classes if that's something you're interested in experiencing on a hands-on level.

If you're planning a trip to Napa and are looking for a B&B that shies away from the traditional doily-and-lace feel reminiscent of your grandmother's house, then book a room at the Inn on Randolph and prepare yourself for a luxury boutique inn experience.