COVID-19 Response

The following information is strictly related to your stay with us here at the Inn on Randolph. Other businesses you visit or make use of during your stay with us may or may not have different expectations of you, their staff, and their facilities, and we defer you to them in knowing the appropriate protocols of those businesses.

We are taking the utmost care in ensuring that the following information is accurate and up to date with the most recent local and state rules and laws for operation during COVID-19; however, certain expectations below are for the additional safety of our staff and other guests for the type of business and environment that we offer; we ask that, in addition with being up to date with the local and state mandates in regards to COVID-19, that you also respect the following expectations of our guests, and are knowledgeable of the changes we have enacted in response to COVID-19.

Please know that the following references to your Guest Access Portal are related to guest interactive links for use before and during your stay, and will only be made available to guests with current reservations with the Inn on Randolph.

Guest Expectations

  • Arrive on time at your designated check-in time, and communicate about delays so we may protect you and other guests from contact with each other. We cannot accommodate late check- ins at this time. Early check-ins will be approved on a case by case basis.
  • Upon check out, please place all dirty towels, wash cloths, and other linens in the provided linen bag. You may leave your bedding and dishes. If you would like dirty items removed from your room during your stay, please let an innkeeper know, and we will arrange a time for housekeeping to pick those items up from outside your room or cottage door. Any room refresh* requests will be made through innkeepers or your Guest Access Portal.
  • Our Hydration Bar is temporarily closed, but you may still access the filtered hot and cold water tap. For all other Hydration Bar items (such as coffee, tea, or ice) you may request them through your Guest Access Portal, or with an innkeeper directly.
  • Hand sanitizer has been provided near the front and back door for guest use when entering and leaving the main house. You may also wash your hands in the privacy of your own room or cottage bathroom, as well as the guest bathroom in the main house.
  • Masks must be worn over the mouth and nose at all times in the main house, including during indoor breakfast service except when you are eating or drinking. Breakfast seating options will depend on current local rules, but only indoor dining in our dining room would be affected. Our options can include our dining room, outside deck/garden area seating, and taking a tray of your breakfast back to your room or cottage. Please contact an innkeeper the week of your arrival if you have concerns about whether or not we are currently permitted to have breakfast seating for our indoor dining room.

Please keep a minimum distance of 6 feet from staff and other guests when possible.

*At this time we cannot provide room refreshes as no staff are permitted in your room or cottage during your stay for their safety and yours due to COVID-19. However, we are still able to provide all room refresh items such as fresh towels or linens, soaps, and so forth, and will work with you for a time to deliver these items to you or to be set outside your room or cottage door.

Staff Expectations

  • All rooms and cottages are deep cleaned with extra precautions between guests.
  • All common areas are regularly cleaned and sanitized, especially after guest use.
  • All staff have been trained on the proper methods of sanitization and cleaning to aid in the prevention of COVID-19.
  • All rooms and cottages have been cleared of any unnecessary items that would be difficult to ensure sanitation and cleanliness to the standard of defending against COVID-19.
  • Breakfasts are now full service breakfasts; guests will no longer be able to self-serve themselves drinks. Staff will check in often with guests during breakfast service to ensure their needs are met.
  • Staff cannot remove dirty dishes from the breakfast service until the guests have completed their meal to avoid possible contamination.

Changes to the Inn, Services, and Rooms/Cottages

  • We currently cannot offer room refreshes for the safety of our staff. Use the Guest Access Portal to request any complimentary or paid items you may need or desire, or contact an innkeeper directly. Please know that we cannot fulfill any requests after 4:00pm each day.
  • We have created the convenience of our Guest Access Portals so guests can safely communicate their needs to staff on their own time, through their own devices.
  • We have created a contactless check out for our guests to reduce contact with our staff and other guests. You will receive an email with details 15 hours before your expected check-out.
  • Our overall breakfast service will remain unchanged; you may still expect to receive a gourmet and gluten-free two-course meal, along with fresh coffee, tea, orange juice, or water at your request. The only notable changes to breakfast is that our Hydration Bar is temporarily closed, and thus our breakfast is now full-service with staff providing all access to drinks.