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Exertec has built a reputation over 30 years as the best health club in Napa Valley. We are now ready to build on the success we've had and evolve into a club where you can achieve your vision of a sustainable active lifestyle that delivers progressive results.

Exertec’s core identity is rooted in our mission each and every day to take an active role in transforming people’s lives. Our membership offerings reflect our core identity and our mission. Our training-based services focus on delivering progressive results to achieve this mission. Our service standards support this identity. We are not just about “being a place and facility for you to work out in”. We are about “being your partner in realizing the transformation you are looking for”.

We all have different reasons for wanting to make exercise a part of our lives, but life happens and we often let it take us off track. Exertec is about being a supportive community to help you continue to stay motivated to be active. If it’s seeing friends and making new ones, working out on cardio machines, participating in group exercise classes or training for a result...we will find what connects you to your motivation