Why Being Gluten Free is Important to the Inn on Randolph

February 27, 2019
Category: Things to do in Napa Valley

Gluten Free- A term that has become synonymous with fad diets, unnecessary packaging, and misunderstanding of the severe health issues that surround gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Regardless of how you feel about the term, having a Gluten Free diet is a very important part of many people’s lives. At the Inn on Randolph, we make sure that our Inn is 100% gluten free for many reasons-YOU being the most important.

We want every person to experience the wonderful hospitality of the Napa Valley.

It is often hard to travel when you have dietary limitations or restrictions, and we completely understand. We wanted to make a place that is both safe and welcoming for everyone! Nothing goes better with the wine country lifestyle than food, and we hope to provide a wonderful start to your day with a gluten free breakfast. Our Innkeepers are also very knowledgeable regarding gluten free restaurants and places that can accommodate allergies.

We want to commit to what matters most to us- you and your health.

From our toiletries to our food to anything that comes through our doors, we are fully committed to offering a 100% gluten free facility. We believe that commitment is needed in every aspect to succeed, and that is exactly how we view our commitment to being gluten free. Your health and well-being while you are staying with us is one of our biggest priorities. Having celiac makes up for only 1% of the non-gluten eating population; however, more and more people are choosing to not eat or use glutinous products. The top reasons that people state for withholding gluten from their diet include digestive issues, skin issues, behavioral issues, and more. We are not advocating that every single person needs to stop eating gluten, but we do hope to have conversations about our food and our health. We want to be able to offer foods and products to every single person, including those with restrictions or preferences.

We want to offer something that is unique, and that can truly benefit people.

You can see that it is important for us to offer a safe place for each and every person, gluten free or not. Our ultimate goal is to give the best experience to all of our guests, and we hope we can make a big difference in the travel world by bringing awareness to gluten and the overall health issues that many people face. Our Innkeepers have met people from all over the world who are so thrilled to be at the Inn because of the simple fact that they can safely eat anything on our menu. We have seen smiles that are worth more than gold when we tell someone that the crepe that they are about to enjoy is gluten free. It may not be a big deal to most, but to those who have lived their life without a crepe, having a crepe for breakfast is a pretty big deal.

Our biggest goal is to not be trendy or to be different. Our biggest goal is to offer a wonderful and safe experience for each of our guests. We are driven by YOU, and we will continue to create innovative and delicious recipes and experiences for you.